Packing Services

Packing for a big move is something that no one really wants to do. Virtually everything in your home or business needs to be carefully boxed up and transported to their new location. As exemplary Boston movers and packers, our team of skilled moving professionals understands exactly what it takes to have a successful packing experience. If you have delicate and fragile items that need to be packed properly and safely for a long-distance move, we’re your people. If you’re searching for assistance in transferring your furnishings from one section of your residence to another, we’re your people, as well. We take care of all of the ins and outs related to moving. Poseidon Movers offers you full packing services for anything and everything that you need to be packed. Our movers understand the best way to pack items regardless of their value, fragility, quantity, or anything else. If you want your items to stay in one piece during the move, then you should let our professional packers do the job for you.

Our Boston Movers will come directly to your house to pack up all of your items and you don’t have to worry about doing anything on your own. Everything will be labeled and safely packed away so that you won’t have any trouble finding your items in their new location. We also specialize in wrapping artwork, furniture, or other delicate or valuable items.


  • Small Boxes10
  • Medium Boxes7
  • Large Boxes4
  • Dish pack1
  • Packing Paper 10lb1
  • Tape2

Total Price $100


  • Small Boxes13
  • Medium Boxes10
  • Large Boxes6
  • Dish pack2
  • Packing Paper 10lb2
  • Tape2

Total Price $150


  • Small Boxes17
  • Medium Boxes13
  • Large Boxes8
  • Dish pack3
  • Packing Paper 10lb2
  • Tape3

Total Price $200


  • Small Boxes25
  • Medium Boxes16
  • Large Boxes10
  • Dish pack4
  • Packing Paper 10lb2
  • Tape4

Total Price $250