Cheap Storage Boston

Affordable storage options in Boston

Finding cheap storage services in Boston can be an unnecessarily frustrating ordeal. After all, quality storage solutions at an affordable price are rare. Fortunately, Boston Space Storage is here with the high quality, cheap storage services you need! Packing up your items and moving them into storage can be stressful and Boston Space Storage offers storage solutions you need to make the process easier.

Where can you find cheap & secure storage units?

From unrivaled customer care to our skilled professional moving partners, Boston Space Storage goes the extra mile to offer reputable storage services in Boston. We are also Boston’s most affordable storage provider and you’ll be shocked to see just how much you can save when working with Boston Space Storage.

With demand for storage solutions steadily increasing on a regular basis, Boston Space Storage knows that it is our responsibility to offer cheap and convenient storage options to fit any budget. While our competitors will overcharge you for either too little or too much storage space, we strive to offer just the right amount of storage space at a price you can afford!

Selecting a storage unit at a great price

When hiring Boston Space Storage as your dedicated storage provider, the process of finding a cheap storage unit is easier than ever! That’s because we do our best to streamline the process of finding an appropriate unit for your belongings. Simply visit our Request a Unit page and let us assist you in finding the right amount of storage space at the right price for you!

When visiting our Request a Unit page, you’ll be greeted with a few quick prompts for information. First, simply select the ideal amount of storage space for you. This is broken up into 7 different storage unit sizes. We know that by offering a diverse variety of storage space options, you have an easier time finding a storage unit that fits not only your size specifications but budget as well! Here’s the full breakdown of our cheap storage units based on size:

5 x 5: The best storage unit size for a small number of small items. This storage unit is best for those looking to store small boxes, clothes, and other personal items. It is also the ideal amount of space for college students. Priced at just $70 per month, this cheap storage unit is offered at an unbeatable price suitable for any budget.

5 x 8: Our 5 x 8 storage unit is the best fit for a small number of items of a slightly larger size than our 5 x 5 storage unit. College students will again be most benefited by this storage unit and for just $90 per month, you can get a bit more space than is offered by our 5 x 5 unit.

5 x 10: Have a small number of items that won’t fit so easily in our 5 x 5 or 5 x 8 storage
units? No problem! Our 5 x 10 storage unit offers cheap storage for those larger items such as small amounts of furniture, chests of drawers, chairs, office supply, or springs and mattresses. Priced at just $105 per month, this cheap storage unit comes at an unbeatable price for the amount of space allowed!

7 x 10: Looking for storage units large enough to fit a studio or small bedroom apartment’s worth of items? Look no further than our 7 x 10 storage unit! Best of all, this unit has enough space to support the storage of your studio or small bedroom apartment’s major appliance, supplies, and other furniture. At just $135 per month, this cheap storage unit offers a size to price ratio you won’t find in our competitors!

10 x 10: Have a one to two bedroom apartment’s worth of items to store? We have a cheap storage unit for that too! Our 10 x 10 unit offers enough space to house a one/two bedroom apartment along with a major appliance, other furniture, and supplies. Priced at just $155 per month, this price is unheard of for the amount of space provided!

10 x 15: We understand that not everyone can fit all of their items into a one to two bedroom apartment’s worth of space, large families especially. That’s why we also offer a 10 x 15 cheap storage unit large enough to store a 3, 4, or 5 bedroom apartment or family home’s worth of items! Priced at just $315 per month.

10 x 20: Finally, our largest available storage unit is the perfect amount of space for a 3,
4, or 5 bedroom apartment or family home without having to worry about squeezing items into a slightly too small space! Our largest unit is priced at an unrivaled price of just $365 per month.